October 28, 2013
21:33 دوشنبه، 6ام آبانماه 1392
کد خبر: 58424

Seven New Services Unveiled on the Occasion of the 7th Anniversary of Irancell

On its 7th network launch anniversary, Irancell unveiled 7 new services. 
According to Irancell Public Relations, at the Press Conference held on the occasion of the 7th Anniversary of Irancell network launch, Irancell Marketing General Manager, Bagher Samadi unveiled the following new services: Dynamic Tariff System, USSD Private, Service Delivery Platform, Messaging SDP, Irancell Drive, Background Music, Collect SMS.
Dynamic Tariff System

Dynamic Tariff System will enable automatic gift airtime calculations, network traffic usage management according to rates set based on the network traffic and subscribers usage, gift airtime notifications via cell broadcasting, current gift airtime status via USSD, 95% discount for voice calls, call time and place management for efficient airtime usage and free activation/de-activation via *135#, Bagher Samadi added.  

USSD Private

He maintained: "In USSD Private, you can assign a single code to gain access to a whole list of services, to collect expenses from USSD holder or subscribers applying for such services, no need to cell phone, with high speed update available for the corporate users. Also web service and protocol for other institutes and organizations and easy and secure access are enabled through USSD Private."  

Samadi also pointed out that the applications of USSD Private also extends to real estates' property dealings, tourism and hospitality, all value added services being compressed in a digital file, employment , e-government services, transportation and distribution services.

Service Delivery Platform

Mr. Samadi defined Service Delivery Platform as a service used for providing access to the operator's network via API, providing API for recharging and billing to third party companies, WAP, USSD SMS, Push, business partners management portal, ease of access to the telecommunication network and minimizing the time required to for the VAS to enter the market.

As he mentioned, SDP business models make use of standard model of revenue sharing, business partner using recharging, business partner without recharging, service provision with SDP hosting, service provision with foreign partner hosting, developing and hosting services in SDP.

Irancell Drive

Samadi said: "Irancell Drive bridges the gap between communications network and the Internet. It is also the first cloud service provided in Iran which enables storing and managing phone contacts, SMS and web-messaging management, file management and sharing accompanied with editing feature and also the ability to share comments and opinions on them."  

He further added: "Service activation is possible via choosing the desired service pack through the portal designated, in the form of 3 month, 6 month and 1 year packs." 

Gift SMS and Collect SMS

As Samadi mentioned, Gift SMS and Collect SMS are available even if the sender has run out of credit, in which case, the SMS receiver pays for the service. With this service, sending gift SMS to friends, defining acceptance list, payment for the delivered SMS by the defined period of time, defining black list and black list editing options will be available for the subscribers. 

He further added: "In order to send a SMS via this system, you need to add the destination number as a prefix so that the receiving party could read your SMS and reply free of charge within the given time limit." For example, you must enter the numbers as follows: *73270493 xxxxxxxx

As he said, the cost of SMS sent via this service will be defined according to the tariffs set out by CRA.

Background Music

Irancell Marketing General Manager has also unveiled another new service that enables Background Music according to call situation, free instant activation/de-activation of variety of songs for diverse tastes of the subscribers based on the destination number. The service can be activated via IVR by dialingXXXXXX*727393 and Background Music test is possible prior to a call.


Messaging SDP

Samadi mentioned:  "Messaging SDP provides  the subscribers with features such as: SMS sending schedule, integration with customer system using API, sending SMS with the name of the company, assigning USSD, sent SMS management portal, advertisement campaign management, sending collect SMS to pre-defined groups, sending on-net MMS at competitive price, defining regulations for evaluation of the content according to the sender group, providing prompt reports on information received by the subscribers, interactive SMS according to the list of questions, recharging SMS sender/receiver."

He mentioned the applications of this service as providing services upon the request made by customers, updating personal account details, fan club and implementing customers' loyalty plans, customer relations plan, customer surveys and advertisement campaign management. 
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