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August 6, 2014
3:12 چهارشنبه، 15ام مردادماه 1393
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MTN Irancell awarded 3G and higher generations License Agreement

During a ceremony held on Monday 3rd August in the presence of the Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Managing Director of Telecommunications Infrastructure Company, MTN Irancell Chief Executive Officer and Management team, CRA and MICT Senior Managers, and media reporters at MICT headquarters, MTN Irancell License Agreement Upgrade to 3G and higher generations was signed and exchanged.
According to MTN Irancell Public Relations, upon notification by the CRA, now MTN Irancell can operate 3G pilot launch to test the provision of Broadband Internet services to a number of public universities and governmental buildings in Tehran, such as: Sharif University of Technology, University of Tehran, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tarbiat Modares University, Shahid Beheshti University, Allameh Tabataba'i University, President Office, Majlis and Ministry of Information and Communications Technology.
Irancell is the only mobile phone operator in Iran with nation-wide coverage that has been awarded an Upgrade License to 3G and higher generations.
CRA: From 23 August 2014 onwards, MTN irancell Will Be Authorized to Provide 3G and Higher Generation Services to the Public 
During the ceremony held to sign MTN Irancell License Agreement Upgrade to 3G and higher generations, Deputy Minister and Head of CRA, Dr. Ali Asghar Amidian presented a report on the arrangements and measures taken to upgrade MTN Irancell License Agreement to higher generations.
In part of his address, he continued to appreciate MTN Irancell sustained and intensive cooperation in meeting the requirements of the license upgrade.
Deputy Minister and Head of CRA said: "Provision of public 3G and higher technology services is being initiated after the expiry of protection period of the third operator (Rightel) and conducting technical reviews by the CRA, based on Resolution No.186"
He further reiterated: "Based on the addendum offered to MTN Irancell License Agreement, the required frequencies are provided and MTN Irancell can now initiate pilot launch for 3G and higher generation."
Pointing out to the fact that after MTN Irancell License Agreement Upgrade is signed it can start its pilot launch into operation, he added: "After conducting technical and financial reviews, on 23 August 2014 and coinciding with the occasion of "Government Week", we will authorize MTN Irancell to upgrade to higher generation."
Maintaining that Wi-Fi technology is of prime importance for service management, he said: "Having the equal right to use frequencies and coverage obligations is on our agenda to establish justice."
Minister of Information and Communications Technology: "Upgrading the Latest Telecom Technologies Leads to Creation of Job Opportunities across the Country"
Additionally, in his speech the Minister of ICT said: "The MICT policies mandate upgrade to latest telecom technologies in order to promote job opportunities across the country. The reason for such a policy is that it is considered to be one of the top priorities of the Eleventh Government."
During the event this morning, Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi went on to say: "A year has passed since the Government of Prudence and Hope took charge, during which we have been decisive to serve people to the best of our ability and make up for our shortcomings."
He reiterated: "Operators may also provide higher generations, if they stay in close cooperation with CRA; nevertheless, we expect operators to enhance the quality of their services."
Pointing out to the importance of developing broadband across the country, he said: "The Information and Communications Technology is the major drive in economic development across the country while having the broadband technology developed is considered to be a requirement for ICT development which leads to GDP growth."
Pointing out to the responsibilities of the Communications Regulatory Commission to establish fair competition among operators, the Minister of ICT said: "Increasing the bandwidth for mobile phones will better support the idea of establishing e-Government, which is now deemed possible with the application of these new technologies."
He mentioned the decisive approach of the Supreme Council of ICT of Iran regarding the embedment of e-Government culture in the society and referring to the capacity of ICT field in creating 30,000 job opportunities, he said: "Employment is one of the objectives of increasing bandwidth to the next generation. The knowledge-based companies, ICT and e-players can propose their initiatives to facilitate employment."
In feedback to a reporter's question about government revenue share from mobile application development, he referred to the potential market for application development in Iran and said: "We have prioritized our agenda to support those working in the field of software and content development and the government has overlooked its revenue share in this regard."
He said that the bandwidth will be increased significantly, further adding:  "The development of national information network and the significant increase in bandwidth will accelerate ICT development in the country."
Referring to the investment of IRR 100,000 billion for infrastructure, he mentioned: "It is our duty to provide infrastructure to have private sector make entry to this arena."
He also acknowledged and extended appreciation to the complements and decision-makers in MTN Irancell, CRA and TIC who contributed to make the license upgrade a success. 
The Minister of Information and Communication Technology noted that: "I ask the operators to focus on service quality improvement and tariff reduction."
He also said: "Under the present circumstances, the subscribers have difficulty in using Mobile Number Portability; however, MICT has plans to facilitate the implementation of such service and the operators that invest on this service will succeed in the market."
Telecommunications and Communications Day of God in our Country 
In his address, MTN Irancell CEO, Mr. Dezfouli congratulated the event to the 11th Government and mentioned that as an advantage, 3G enables the whole citizens to benefit from all means and services, adding "We hope that this event paves the way for further expansion of telecom infrastructures across the country."
Appreciating the recent efforts to provide equal conditions for upgrading to 3G and higher generations, Mr. Dezfouli noted that: "After notification of Resolution 186 by the Communications Regulatory Committee, we had several meetings with the CRA to clearly discuss the conditions of the Resolution."
Calling this day a “Day of God”, an outstanding turning point for provision of new mobile based services, he said:  “We find ourselves eligible to use the phrase developed by late Imam Khomeini to dub today a Day of God in telecommunications because today is a turning point in telecom infrastructures, communications and e-Government expansion and supplementation. 
Pointing out the vast size of the country and its large population and stressing the government policies regarding equal provision of services to all Iranians, he said: "By providing broadband services and development of mobile services and their integration with National Information Network, people can have equal access to the services."
He further added: "Using 3G services, the subscribers may make their financial transactions and enjoy banking services simply through mobile phones, without having to be physically present in the banks, which is believed to be a major evolutionary transition in the state banking system."
Using 3G and higher generations, it will be possible to offer mobile virtual training, have access to TV channels on the move, use electronic library, offer services such as LBS, Machine to Machine, Voice Over IP (helpful in increasing the quality of calls), virtual office and e-Government.
Mr. Dezfouli also reiterated that: "3G services facilitate and expedite the access of the scholars, universities and knowledge-based companies to their needed information which give rise to the country's development and growth, and reduce the gap with developed countries in terms of this technology. Providing 3G or higher services can save time, provide health care services, establish justice in access to health care services and promote new businesses and employment opportunities." 
Referring to the fact that Irancell, as a very unpretentious operator, managed to solve many telecommunication problems in Iran, MTN Irancell CEO added: "I hope that the Government and the CRA continue to support us so that we can provide our customers with better services."
While referring to online and equal access to information as a true example of social justice administration, he declared: "By using 3G services, it will be possible to offer virtual trainings, make the financial and banking transactions over mobile phones, develop new businesses, develop crisis management and city management which are all examples which signify e-Government has come true."
He finally reiterated that: "Starting from today MTN Irancell will have pilot launch to test the provision of 3G services to a number of public universities and governmental buildings in Tehran, such as Sharif University of Technology, University of Tehran, Amirkabir University of Technology, Alzahra University, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tarbiat Modares University, President Office and Ministry of Information and Communications Technology."
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