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August 23, 2016
18:20 سه شنبه، 2ام شهریورماه 1395
کد خبر: 79256

23 Million Gamers in Iran – 37% Women

A new national survey by Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation indicates that there are 23 million gamers in Iran. Of this 23 million gamers, 53% of them play video games on a regular basis.
Iran’s video game industry has taken a big leap in the recent years and the country has become one of the largest growing video game markets in the Middle East. Many Iranian publishers have released their top-rated games for the international market on various gaming devices and the domestic market has also been embracing the locally created games with open arms. Official statistics show that today this industry is worth over 130 million dollars in Iran and both the local and international publishers are now competing hard to gain a bigger share of this pool.
The most recent national survey in Iran shows that the country has 23 million gamers and of this population, 53% of them play video games on a regular basis. According to this statistics, smartphones and tablets are the most popular gaming devices among Iranians and after desktop computers, consoles and laptops respectively.
In recent years, mobile games such as Clash of Clans became highly successful in Iran with over 5.5 million players. The recent global smash-hit game, Pokemon Go also became exceptionally popular – even though the brand was never a sensation in Iran – to the point where the game got banned by Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation.
Other statistics show that 37% of the gamers in Iran are formed by women. The availability of handheld devices could have made an influx to this number in the recent years. According to this data, Iranian teenagers between the age of 12 to 19 are making the largest number of gamers in the country.
For a more detailed information see the infographic below.
23 Million Gamers in Iran - 37% Women
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